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  • Know your phone well

    Start with this course to find the answers to these problems
    4 सप्ताहों के लिए मान्य
    • (11 classes)
    • Basic phone buttons and Navigation
    • Connecting your phone to different connections
    • Conference calls and saving new contacts
    • How to download new application?
    • How to create an account in the new application?
    • How to use your phone camera?
    • How to manage your gallery?
    • Resolve all storage problems!
    • How to manage your cloud storage?
    • Personalise phone settings
  • Entertainment & Care

    Learn how to take care of yourself while getting Entertained
    4 सप्ताहों के लिए मान्य
    • (8 classes)
    • Internet browsing Application
    • YouTube streaming
    • Watch TV shows and Movies
    • News Application
    • Music streaming
    • Online doctor consultation
    • Medicine and Home Lab report booking
  • Travel & Purchase

    Shop products, Book services and Travel with ease
    6 सप्ताहों के लिए मान्य
    • (11 classes)
    • Google Maps
    • Taxi Booking
    • Hotel and Travel Booking
    • Online Home services booking
    • Food ordering
    • Online Product purchasing
  • Digi Communication

    Learn phone applications to communicate effectively
    6 सप्ताहों के लिए मान्य
    • (12 classes)
    • WhatsApp
    • Facebook for personal use
    • Instagram for personal use
    • Online meetings Application
    • Email
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Personalized Live classes
Classes are held in groups of 5-10 students
Each course has two classes a week
Class is conducted in Hindi and English


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